Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 7 of Sister Summer Blog

Dear Bud (aka Christy),

My back still hasn't recovered completely and it kept me from going out. However I did manage to create some shiz this weekend. Worked on some music and did some drawing. How 'bout dem apples? I'm not ready to post an mp3 just yet of that cover song I recorded last Friday night. So I emailed you the link instead.

To keep up with my multi-media blogs, I created another stop motion animation / whiteboard art piece and posted it on Vine and YouTube. The Vine loop is cool, but man, :06 sec and the square aspect ratio can sometimes be limiting. So I'm posting both. The edited-for-Vine version and the unedited-director's-YouTube-video-cut (a whopping :10 sec) in all its high-def glory straight from my iPhone. Ha!!

I was a little down last night because I didn't go out, and then the nail in the coffin was watching "Larry Crowne" on HBO Now. Holy crap. That movie really sucked. I was in the mood for some likable, no brainer, happy fluffy stuff and I thought Tom Hanks would fit the bill. Wow, it sucked so bad that I actually feared for my own art. I mean, Tom Hanks with all his success and clout makes this embarrassingly awful out-of-touch movie. Who the hell am I to even consider being part of the film community or a musician or an animator or anything? Thankfully, I squelched my bad juju by going to my iTunes library and finding the first thing that would strike a chord in me to draw, and behold John Lennon's "Love." An appropriate message for me being a hater. It's kinda inspiring knowing that Tom Hanks is human after all. If he can strike out, then so can I, and just move on to the next project up at bat.

So there it is, my post for today. I'm hoping to catch an early matinee of Love & Mercy, the new movie about Brian Wilson. So excited to see my dear pal Johnny Sneed on the big screen as drummer Hal Blaine. I've already seen the movie at work, but I want the whole theater experience, especially the studio scenes of Pet Sounds. How I love movies about musicians, oh and movies about baseball too. Tom Hanks, if you ever read this, I love A League Of Their Own and That Thing You Do!


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